Erin Stern

How to Push Through a Plateau

On the journey to getting fitter, sometimes we hit roadblocks. Most of the time stalled progress can be solved relatively quickly by looking at your current habits. Erin Stern goes over common reasons why plateaus happen, and ways to push through them.


Summer Playlist | Erin Stern

Looking for a new playlist to motivate your workouts? Erin Stern shares her favorite summer jams for getting your sweat on! Let’s add some new songs to the playlist for summer! Music actually adds quite a few benefits to training. In addition to helping put you in a good mood,...

5 Healthy & Sustainable Eating Habits | Erin Stern

Erin Stern dishes her top eating habits to make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a chore. When it comes to nutrition and fitness, I’m always hesitant to recommend an “always” or “never” answer. My response is typically, “it depends”. With that being said, there are a few tips that I...
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